How to find an online sugar daddy or sugar baby on Craigslist? Pros & Cons

The creative idea of finding an online sugar daddy on Craigslist
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find-an-online-sugar-daddy-CraigslistExcepting sugar daddy websites, you may be considered to find an online sugar daddy or sugar baby through Craigslist. It’s a creative idea to find an online sugar daddy through this freestyle and it is worked for some lucky sugar daddies and sugar babies.

The questions are how Craigslist works and what should you do to find a sugar daddy online? Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website that devotes to jobs, housing, services, for sale, discussion forums and so on. It means that Craigslist is really a resource for seeking a sugar baby or sugar daddy online, usually for online sugar babies.

How to find an online sugar daddy on Craigslist?

Post your ads in the right position. When you open the website, you will notice that there are hundreds of categories on the website. Make sure your ads are posted in the right category. It would boost your chance if you try more relatively categories. When you write your posts, you need to avoid using “sugar daddy” or “sugar baby” which will probably be removed. A great post had better contains features like 1. It contains your name, age, your status or positions; 2. You are searching for genuine connections which implies you deserve finer things in life, your connection is not just a transaction; 3. Be honest telling your demands. Your potential sugar daddy is quite clear about what you want and he will decide to be your sugar daddy or not.

For example, I’m a female college student, with brown hair and blue eyes, majored in the economy, and I’m expecting to make a genuine connection with a successful generous man who would like to support my education and living expenses when I’m at school.

Upload images if possible. You can upload several impressive photos to show your body type, height, appearance. Real-life photos imply that you are definitively legit sugar babies or sugar daddies. In addition, photos and descriptions in your advertisement are automatically excluding wrong sugar daddies who prefer a certain sugar baby.

Be safe. On the homepage of Craigslist, on the left, there are personal safety tips and tips for avoiding scams & fraud before posting your advertisement you had better read it. Actually, you are required to fill out several personal information on your advertisement, including phone number and address, postcode, email and so on. So when you decide to meet your potential sugar daddy in real life, make sure you meet in a public place like a park or cafe or restaurant and tell your family or friends where you are. Before the meeting, We suggest you talk with him through the video so that you know what he looks like.

The pros & cons of finding an online sugar daddy or sugar baby on Craigslist.


1.The new way to get a sugar daddy online. Compared with some sugar daddy websites, you are free to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby online. As we know, a sugar relationship is a mutually beneficial arrangement, so sugar daddies require to put into more money or gifts in this relationship.

2. It is possible for online sugar babies to find an online sugar daddy getting allowance without meeting. If your sugar daddy is from other cities or busy on his business, you are more likely to get an online-only sugar daddy

3. Find one or more online sugar daddy for free. Post advertisement is totally free. If you are patient enough, you are able to find one or more potential sugar daddies to support you.


1.Exposure to personal information online. To post ads on Craigslist require you lots of personal information, it may risk exposure to your individual information.

2.Fakes or scams. There is no 100% certification to prove that there are no fakes or scams online, even the most authorized websites can not. The information posted by sugar daddies or sugar babies may be faked, or he is not very rich.

3. It takes time and energy. Finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby through posting an advertisement is difficult, which takes lots of time and energy, if you are lucky enough, you maybe get a sugar daddy online.


We have listed both the advantages and disadvantages of finding an online sugar daddy or sugar baby on Craigslist. Compared with sugar daddy websites, we think that finding a sugar daddy on Craigslist may be difficult and takes time and energy. Sugar daddy websites are a professional platform which bring jointly like-minded men and women, which boosts your chance of getting a sugar daddy online effectively.

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