Sugar Daddies Dating Things - How to Make Your Sugar Baby at Ease?

Three legit sugar daddies' successful sugar dating strories
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Most sugar daddies are well-off men who have achieved great success in their work because they have focused most of their attention on doing business. When it comes to dating, they may have no idea how to make their sugar babies feel at ease. As the saying goes, men’s advice to women on dating is pretty bad, while women’s advice to women is outright terrible. On this page, we will share some viewpoints of real legit sugar daddies.

Do not push your sugar baby for intimacy relationship

online sugar daddy websitesSaltgrindr: As a sugar daddy, I think women need to do what’s best for her and align with what she’s looking for. Being in a sugar arrangement means being in an enjoyable and empowering experience for women. For most sugar daddies and sugar babies, it will finally go to the same thing- sex which is the most important but controversial on all sorts of dating. However, you must make a mistake if you think the first date means intimacy or having sex. As a-two-years sugar daddy, I’ve stated many times that I never want intimacy or sex on the first date. This depends on where I see if the chemistry is there, just like casual dating. I would like to spend time knowing each other, kissing, holding hands, and so on, before a mutual understanding, there will be no sex.

The first sugar baby I met online was quite nervous on our first date. She was hardly eating her food and drunk three glasses of wine in 6 minutes like it was water found in the desert. We have negotiated that our deal was we’d have dinner and play it by ear. So I told her that I decided on no intimacy because I didn’t want to make her feel bad. It works well. She got super comfortable and we hang out for 3 or 4 hours and had another cup of drinks and watched a movie. I had to go home and book her a room.

She was only 24 years old while I’m 49 at that time, so big age gaps. After that, it was my hard rule, no immediate intimacy, or you maybe prefer a prostitute or escort. Don’t push your sugar baby on the first two dates, or it will give her much pressure.

Trust me if you first establish a connection, communication, and trust, you will have a good experience in this arrangement.

Do some small things to make you stand out of the site

lvsugarBebe: I will tell you how to make yourself stand out from all the online sugar daddy websites. Usually, most sugar babies are eager to quickly weed through all the inquires to find a genuine sugar daddy. With limited time to make communication and then decide to go for the meet and greets, it’s a common thing because people have their business to take care of. If you can send her a small gift or gesture like $30 to cover her uber, which can move you to the front of the line. Do some small things that would make yourself more trustworthy, and you can easily find potential sugar babies online.

Negotiate expectations and availability before meeting

BGDDDY1: when a sugar baby asks for pictures, I will tell them I don’t offer pictures before we finished those discussions and decided to meet. I really think it’s both parties’ expectation to negotiate allowance, desires, meets, and availability before the meeting. And I usually don’t tell them I’m going to not give her gift or money at the meeting, but I will do it at the end of the meeting so that I can cover her transportation and to have a few hundred extras in her purse. Whether I want to move forward or not, I will offer the money she deserves. Having dinner, lunch, coffee, and conversation with a beautiful woman is totally worth it anyway. Before we are determined to meet, we need to have a great conversation, usually one week never more than two. I usually pick up those sugar babies who send a strong signal that they can’t stand 90% of the BS’ ers. Such as “ I want to move quickly to meet and greet to say whether we have a connection” that’s great for me.

According to the above examples, it manifests how the dynamics in a sugar daddy & sugar baby relationship should be. You took her discomfort into consideration and choose to reassure her and opt to foster a connection instead. I’m sure that she will appreciate your thoughtfulness and make you stand out of the line.

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