sugar daddy definition-what is a sugar daddy?

Sugar Daddy Meaning-What is A Sugar Daddy?
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sugar daddy definitionHere are three kinds of sugar daddies: Splenda Daddy who strives to be a good daddy but without support of splendid funds or incomes. Budget Daddy who set a clear budget that he choose a limited budget on sugar babies for offering their partner weekly or monthly allowance. Honey Daddy whose income with no bounds, and he usually support several sugar babies at one time and always offer their partner what they want.

Sugar Daddy Definition: Sugar daddy is what we called successful gentlemen in modern society, with great taste, extensive experiences and abundant assets, who is seeking for sugar baby who could share his luxurious lifestyle and enhance or amplify his exceptional life. Sugar relationship is definitely mutual beneficial relationship for both parties.Sugar daddy is regarded as sugar benefactor who could help cover tuition, bills and life expenses as well as support sugar babies financially.

Sugar daddy is always businessman who is so busy on their daily work that they do not have time on a conventional dating like others. Some of them are married sugar daddies, what they are looking for is a mistress or girlfriend, this unique relationship is more pure than conventional commitment.

Sugar daddy are considered to be the new modern gentleman. No matter what their work requirements, they have a great taste of foods, extensive knowledge of wine and beers or traveling. Establishing a relationship with a gentleman will lead your life to a more exceptional way. they may carry massive workloads and countless meetings on their daily life, so do not complain if they are delayed or put-off your date.

There are some misconceptions about sugar daddy.

Not all sugar daddies are very old. nowadays some 20 to 30 ages newbie sugar daddies come to the sugar daddy websites, they maybe the new generation who makes a success in their start-up business. Generally, most sugar daddies are old men in their average 40 years old. If you cannot bear dating with an old man then you have to make it clear on you sugar baby profile.

Not all sugar daddies are paying for exchanging with sex. Especially those online sugar daddies, they are looking for a good listener who could share his life with, or someone who love chatting through videos. Some sugar daddies is looking for honest serious sugar babies who could create a serious relationship with him.

Not every sugar daddy offers weekly allowance or monthly allowance. Opinions on this matter varies from sugar daddy to sugar daddy. Some of them are trying to meet what sugar babies demands such as cover their tuition, rents and clear their bills. Others are taking sugar babies out for traveling, do some shopping and presenting them luxurious gifts.

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