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Sugar daddy online dating-is it possible to find an online relationship with rich men?
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sugar daddy online websitesDo you think it is possible to earn money as a sugar baby strictly online without meeting him? The “sugar daddy industry” has exploded in the last several years ago since most popular sugar daddy websites (SeekingArrangement or SugarDaddie) get highlighted on the “afternoon talk shows”. Later, lots of articles are posted on college papers about sugar relationships starting on Seeking or Sugardaddymeet. That’s why the sugar daddy lifestyle or sugar relationship is becoming a trend among younger attractive women and wealthy successful men. Here are many questions about how to make money or get my bills paid without giving sugar.

Let’s start from a real story-online sugar baby Andy. She comes from West LA California, a 25-year-old beautiful girl. She has been an online sugar baby for several years and her ex-sugar daddy was very nice to her, he offered her luxurious gifts and paid her bills even rent her a house. Additional he gave her $500 weekly allowance to support her living expenses so that she can accompany him as a soulmate. They usually contact with each other through Skype, or other online face-to-face services life Facebook, videos. Besides, Andy has several other sugar daddies online, in fact, she also met lots of fakes and salt on some online sugar daddy dating sites. It doesn’t matter for her because she can make a lot of money by working as an online sugar baby.

What kind of rich men tend to accept online sugar baby?

Married Rich Men

sugar daddy online websitesMost wealthy and mature sugar daddies are married who have a wife or child. He tends to find a young and beautiful lady as his valentine. Married sugar daddy usually doesn’t want to physically touch you since he has a family. As you know, there are so many commitments on conventional relationships, wealthy sugar daddy always owns his business, to some extent, he is a lonely man who needs to release his pressure. He needs someone who can listen to him and have deep and fun communication with him.

Older Rich Men

Interactions online is proved to create a feeling of more intimacy than face to face communication. Older rich men especially those single man who is lonely and need an intimate relationship with someone. Usually, you can talk with somebody online for several hours and be totally besotted by them. However, there is no spark, no connections when you meet face to face which seems quite embarrassing. That’s why some older sugar daddies prefer to online sugar baby.

Newbie Sugar Daddies

For some newbie sugar daddies, they may not ready to join the sugar bowl or they don’t know how to start a sugar relationship with beautiful sugar babies. For some young or busy sugar daddy, they don’t want a serious or very romantic relationship, because they just want to have fun. As a newbie sugar daddy, he is willing to keep it secret, a “webcam relationship” is more suit to them.

It is possible to find a sugar daddy online relationship, although I hate to mention that there are a very few numbers of sugar daddies finding an inline sugar baby. If you want to find an online sugar daddy without giving sugar, it must cost much of your time and energy, keep persistence and patience.

It is not surprising that the proportion of sugar babies is much higher than sugar daddies, especially more and more college sugar babies take part in the sugar bowl. Honestly, there is a fierce competition for sugar babies as much younger sugar babies join in this community, so find a sugar daddy is not as easy as before, let alone find an online sugar daddy. In addition, you have to avoid and be careful of fakes and scammers who claim to be your online sugar daddy but end up wasting your time.

No matter what you want to find a real-life sugar daddy or online sugar daddy, the best way is to keep searching or try more sugar daddy online websites. Although it is difficult to seek an online sugar arrangement, it’s never impossible. Sugar daddy dating is a mutually beneficial relationship for both sides, it also takes time to build mutual trust and happy relationships.

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