Why sugar daddies prefer Singapore sugar baby?

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Asian sugar babySugar daddies are complicated, aren’t they? It’s often difficult to figure out what exactly they are looking for? According to a survey conducted by a leading sugar daddy website - SeekingArrangement, it found that Asian women were the most attractive to the American sugar daddy as well as UK sugar daddies. Seeking Arrangements has shown a clear picture of what an ideal sugar baby is expected to be and there is good news for Singapore babies.

Whether in the UK or the U.S.A, Asian sugar babies seem to naturally turn European and American sugar daddies on. In those countries, there are many specialized dating websites trying to match Asian sugar babies (especially Singapore Girls) with European and American men.

Seeking Arrangement Website for finding Singapore sugar babies

White girls came up with a nasty term called “Yellow fever”, originally defined as Yellow fever which is an acute infectious disease that has caused some devastating epidemics. Nowadays, Yellow fever refers to those American or European men who are so taken with Asian girls that they only want to date or get married if they can.

In fact, Asian women especially Singapore sugar babies turn to be the second preferred option among sugar daddies. So why rich sugar daddies would like to seek the company of Singapore ladies?

Singapore is a highly developed country based on external trade, which is the only country in Asia with an AAA sovereign rating from all major rating agencies. The country also placed highly in key social indicators: education, healthcare, quality of life, personal safety, and housing, that’s why it appeals mass of rich foreigners to do business or travel or immigrate here. Unlike China, it’s not an immigrant country.

It’s not a new phenomenon that European and American men love Asian women. Western literature has always been full of fantasies about the East. Walking the streets of West London, you can often see posters of Miss Saigon. “Miss Saigon” is a love story between an American soldier and a Vietnamese prostitute. Madame Butterfly, on the other hand, is a love story between an American soldier and a Japanese Geisha. In those stories, Asian women characters are dominated by prostitutes who are gentle and submissive, willing to work hard and endure rejection.

According to a study conducted by Cardiff University on Facial Attractiveness in 2012, found that women from East Asian(Singapore) received the highest scores. Many white friends are recommend dating Asian sugar babies, as they are more sexually liberated than white girls. There is a high proportion of white men and Singapore women married in the UK, and it’s believed that Asian girls have a natural sexual attraction.

Singapore sugar babies not only have great looks but also respect their partner’s. In general, Singapore women would always respect their partner regardless of how old or influential they are due to the traditional culture. Traditional Asian women will always put themselves in their partner’s shoes when they meet something different. In addition, sugar daddies are hunting for young beautiful women. Most Singapore sugar babies have great looks but also age gracefully due to their genetic qualities. They are seldom plagued by obesity and wrinkles between the age of 40 to 50.

Your Singapore sugar baby would never make you disappoint while staying at home. They are great to cook by nature as most Singapore sugar babies learn sorts of dishes including local dishes as well as western-style food.

All in all, Singapore sugar babies tick all the right boxes, if you are looking for an Asian sugar baby, Singapore would be a great option.

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